The Glorious Gap Year
When one kid is having a tantrum and another kid decides to participate for solidarity’s sake
When kids ask me if I’m a superhero
When we have one blissful afternoon with no meltdowns or fighting


When Dad came home and I told him we had a wonderful afternoon he thought I was being sarcastic…

When a child asks me a question I feel like I should know the answer to as an adult


Internally I’m all like:

But I tell them:

When you say that thing that your parents always said to you that you promised yourself you would never say to a child
When you get blind-sided by a kid sharing some “questionable” fact they just learned


Child #1 holds up Flynn Rider (barbie) doll that is missing both legs:

"My dad says Flynn Rider is missing his penis"


What I wish I could say to a kid during a melt-down #4
When a child cuddles you and you don’t want to move for fear of waking them but you have to pee really bad
When you have to tell a little boy that it’s okay his sister doesn’t have a penis


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I am a nanny not a babysitter. YES, THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.

A babysitter is someone who is tasked with taking care of a child’s basic needs and keeping the child alive for a few hours.

A nanny is someone who has been invited into a child’s life. Someone who becomes a…

There’s nothing I love more than being called an ass by a four year old. Good times. :)
Hey thanks for the follow! I'm actually looking into gap year programs, I'm a junior now but I really want to get a plan locked down before it's too late. Do you have any advice on picking a program or did you always want to be an au pair?


Hey! No prob bob! Anyway, if you’re in America or any other English speaking country you can go through my organization but my organization only sends people to Germany. For a one year commitment they pay your flights and they get you in contact with other local au pairs. You also will have someone to talk to when problems arise in your host family. If you want I can give you my coordinators info and she can answer any questions I can’t! :) if you’re leaving your senior year it’s probably best to start like six to four months before you plan on leaving. Some organizations have a fee but mine only has a 75 dollar paperwork fee and you have to do a skype interview with an ayusa representative. Not too difficult. If you want to go to a country other than Germany, I don’t know any specific organizations but if you’re changing continent definitely try to go through an agency it’s a bit safer that way :)
Anyway if you have any more questions don’t be afraid to ask!

(sorry i forgot to answer your last question) 

No I did not! I knew i wanted to go abroad so I found a way! I’m good with kids and I love travel. I already spoke German, from school, and I knew someone through my organization who refereed it to me. :)

My mom and gram gram at Easter! Gram got a pandora bracelet for Easter/Christmas/ her birthday! I got to skype them and I was so homesick. It was a somewhat sad Easter. I was sad and my host moms mom is sick with cancer and so we didn’t really do anything. We did have a nice quiet dinner with some white wine. I got a dark chocolate bunny and some Lindt chocolate. I Also went to mass but I’m not catholic. It was very beautiful with a lot of singing and I hardly understood a word :) but as a good Christian girl I had to some sort of church! :D
Holidays abroad are always so difficult.

Warsaw pt.4 went to a political prisoner prison in where used to be the Warsaw ghetto. Then a backers, then more food! We went to a traditional polish restaurant and ate dumplings! :)

Warsaw pt.3 went to a park dedicated to Chopin. It was lovely and a winter wonderland. Man, Poland is so so cold. Then we went partying! Woho!!! Also the perfect drunk food is kebab king. It trumps all else.